Estate Law

Estate Law is that body of laws that governs the way a person’s estate is handled, both in their lifetime and also after they become deceased or incapacitated. A person’s estate is the sum total of all their possessions, property, and non-tangible assets. The estate also includes debt and taxes on the property owned.

What Does Estate Law Cover?

Estate Law is a broad field of law that covers matters such as:

  • Estate Planning: making provisions for the estate in the event that the person passes away or becomes incapacitated
  • Estate Administration: the actual handling and processing of a person’s estate after they have become deceased; this is usually overseen by an estate administrator appointed by the estate holder
  • Duties of the Executor:  the administrator or executor has certain duties that need to be fulfilled and obeyed
  • Distribution of Property: the passing of property to the rightful beneficiaries is a main topic of estate planning
  • Debt: the person’s debt still needs to be addressed even after their death or incapacitation

Lastly, estate laws can be different from state to state. These differences in law can come into play any time the person moves to a different area. In particular, state laws can be very different when it comes to the distribution of property to spouses, children, and other persons. 

Our Approach For Estate Cases

Estate Laws are major field of law that can have direct effects on a person’s property and possessions.

Our team will assist you with tasks like drafting, reviewing, and editing estate planning documents. Also, our attorneys will represent you or your loved ones in court when involved with an estate dispute.

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