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DiFatta Law Offices offers effective debt relief solutions to Pennsylvania residents facing financial turmoil.

Our legal team has an extensive collective knowledge of bankruptcy law which enables us to fight for your rights, halt foreclose efforts, and stop debt collectors from harassing you.

Align yourself with one of our dedicated bankruptcy attorneys to find relief and enjoy a brighter financial future.

Highly Respected Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our  practice focuses on both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy for consumers. We have assisted clients in the entire bankruptcy process, from pre-bankruptcy planning to completing and filing bankruptcy petitions and attending all necessary hearings.

Our legal team helps clients obtain a fresh start through the bankruptcy process, and provide a means for clients to start rebuilding their future.

Our Recent Settlements Include:

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We want to make sure you get your questions answered. Whatever your legal issue is — incredibly complex or common — we can help you address it, either with our own attorneys or through referral to highly qualified counsel.

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